Getting Started Guide

BitCrew is the most entertaining way you can stay fit with your own home fitness equipment. To get started with BitCrew, you need to:

  1. Create your account.
  2. Set your personal info/preferences.
  3. Find a workout.
  4. Connect your equipment.
  5. Sweat!

Create your account

Go to to create your account. You can sign up using your email/password or using Google to authenticate. Once you have created your account you will be required to choose a username in the system. That username will be what other users see as your name and cannot be changed once it is set.

Set your personal info/preferences

Once your account is created you’re ready to work out, but it is best to set some personal details about yourself first so we can optimize your workouts for you. In the upper right of the screen you will see your avatar. Click on it, then on Profile.

Once on your profile page you can use the three dot menu next to your name to edit your profile, set your avatar, and set your cover photo. Under edit profile you may change your real name, set your country, write a bio, add your Instagram and Spotify links.

Below are some important metrics: your age, height, weight, FTP (for bike rides) and base power (for rowing). Your age is used to calculate your target heart rate zones. Your weight is used to give you a score as you work out that is based on power to weight ratios. And your base power numbers for biking and erging are used to set your targets during a workout. E.g., if your bike FTP is 250 watts and the workout calls for 80% power, your target will be set to 200 watts automatically. Then all you need to worry about is hitting your personal target.

If you have a Strava or Logbook account you can connect those to your account on the Account page, also in the menu under your avatar. This is a premium feature so you will need an active subscription (or trial subscription) to access these integrations. Click the Strava or Logbook buttons to initiate the authentication loop with those services. Once you’re connected, your workout data will be shared automatically with those services.

Connect your equipment

Once you find a session you want to participate in, click on it. You will be taken to a start screen lobby. If there are devices that can be used with that session, you will have the chance to connect those devices before starting.

Make sure your bike or erg or heart rate monitor are discoverable and then click Connect Device. You will see a window pop up that will let you connect your device if your device is supported. Click the device you want to connect from the list, click Pair, and you will see BitCrew attempt to connect to that device.

Once you have connected all of the devices you want to connect, click Start Session (or Join Session). You’ll see your data being used in the BitCrew app.

Note about heart rate: when you connect your heart rate monitor for an erg session and you have a Concept2 erg machine, we recommended that you connect your heart rate monitor to the PM monitor instead of BitCrew directly so that heart rate data can be accurately attributed to your intervals.