Starting a Training Plan


When you decide you’re ready to purchase and begin a training plan with one of BitCrew’s coaches, the first step is to create a BitCrew account. Go to and register to create your account. You can use an external authentication provider or use a email and password, and you’ll need to choose your BitCrew username.

Training Profile

Once your account is created, you’ll need to enter some basic information into your training profile.

First, you’ll select a training model. Training models are used to calculate your optimal versus actual time in training zones to help stay on target with a particular model. If you’re not sure what to select, either polarized or pyramid work well for most athletes.

Then you’ll need to estimate the amount of time per week you’ll spend on training. If you have to guess that’s ok, you can change all of this at any time if it feels off.

Third, you’ll need to enter your maximum heart rate. If you don’t know it, 220-your age is a reasonable place to start.

Finally, the system will ask you if you want to connect your wearable devices. You can skip this step for now and always do it later (having an active training plan allows you to connect your devices at no additional charge).

Find your Plan

Once your training profile is created you want to head to to find the training plan with which you are interested in training. Locate your plan, select it, and then you’ll have the opportunity to enroll. If there is a fee associated with your plan, this is when you will enter your credit card details to make the purchase.

Plan Setup

Once you are enrolled, your coach will receive a notification that you’re ready to start. Depending on the plan, what happens now is your coach may contact you for more information about you, your goals, your current fitness, and so forth. Once your coach fully understands your needs, then your coach will customize your plan for you in whichever ways make sense for you, and then assign you your training plan. Then you’ll be ready to start.

Your first session

Once you are enrolled and your coach has had a chance to customize and assign your plan to you, then you can go to and you should see your first session available. By design you will only see what’s current on your schedule, and what’s next on your schedule. Our plans are designed to be flexible, so if you have an assignment for today and you miss it for some reason, it will still be available tomorrow. This is to prevent “cramming fitness” – sometimes we miss days, and that’s ok. But the solution is rarely to stack up sessions we missed to “catch up.”


In order to stay completely on track with your training plan, do every session on the day it becomes available and also be sure to mark it completed when you are done

Only then will tomorrow’s session become available to you tomorrow. We find that this model creates the optimal environment for both flexibility and compliance.

Good luck and enjoy!

You’ve just taken the hardest step on your journey to become a fitter, happier you. Enjoy the process, keep in close contact with your coach so your coach can make any necessary adaptations to your plan, and have fun!